So obviously no one's really at this site anymore, and my life had become as such as I won't keep the maintenance up anyway.
So since it's being basically ignored it's going to close down.
I've closed challenges and the winners are up.
Go to
and check out the awards.
The site will be officially closed and deleted in 7 days so have all your banners picked up.

 So as the title of this post suggests, it was my 21st birthday on the 22nd this month.
Yay for me.
So I've been uber busy with everything in my life at the moment, and I know I've been neglecting the site a bit.
I've commandeered an associate to advertise a bit of the challenges (let's hope that goes well) while I'm handling other things in life.
In a couple of days I begin my university course, so of course I'll be very very busy but I do hope that I get HEAPS of responses for challanges this time around so that I don't declare this site dead and that I'll have to close it down.
Cause that would be a bummer.
So join challanges, because if I don't get a good response I will have to close it down because I won't see the point of keeping the site up.
So thats all for now.
I'll be working on a new layout for the new month, oh god it's nearly valentines day - the horror! but I'll try and put my nauseous feelings aside and try and do something nice for the site and for our affiliates.
We have leftover cake in the fridge still.

Sorry for the long wait for an update.
I've been very busy in my corner of the world - for those that don't know, my home town was raveged by a flood that although hasn't killed many people (thank goodness), it's been frankly horrible.
The waters didn't reach my suburb, but that doesn't mean I can't help others in any way that I can - especially those friends that have had their homes destroyed.

The challenges are still up, I've made the 'limit' statement a bit clearer for Sapphira who asked the question.

Otherwise, keep sending in your entries and for those who would like to advertise the challenges, please go ahead.

Thank You.

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